Welcome to Paras

Our mission is simple. To help individuals live healthily, purposefully and ethically, without doing harm to self, the environment or others. Ethical lifestyle is foundational to good health, wellbeing and most importantly, purpose. Ethics and ethical living have become the hallmark for the next decade and beyond.

About us

Paras, Sanskrit for ‘supreme’ ‘highest’ ‘absolute’. The Philosopher’s stone which turns everything it touches to gold.

Applying this to health of mind and body, it means transformational, transforming the individual to a higher self.

Having worked in the corporate sector for over 18 years’ experience, we have seen and experienced the pressure of working to hit targets, often almost impossible to reach, amongst colleagues who are out to achieve higher than the next person and will go to extreme lengths to do so. We have seen individuals be consumed by their work and behave in ways that they would never normally.

In the school setting, we have witnessed the immense pressure that pupils face nowadays, many issues that their parents or grandparents would never have faced, largely due to technological advances. Having witnessed the detrimental effect it has on their health, their personal life, family and friends, we work with organisations and schools to help prevent matters reaching this stage. After all, prevention is better than cure.